“Welcome, Dear Friend, To The Real You.”

Join us for the Transformational Experience of a Lifetime

The Journey is a globally recognized and critically acclaimed healing and transformational modality to uncover and awaken your limitless potential, and to apply it in every area of your life. To date, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have experienced this simple, yet powerful step-by-step method of overcoming a wide variety of challenges, from physical ailments to emotional issues or shut down, in relationship problems and with career or performance issues.

How The Journey Can Help?


The Story Behind The Journey

The Journey was founded by internationally acclaimed speaker, bestselling author and mind-body healing expert Brandon Bays. In 1992 Brandon was diagnosed with a basketball-sized tumor. Having a background and strong belief in natural treatment and holistic healing, Brandon put into practice everything she had learned about nutrition, herbology, kineasiology, meditation and guided introspection with a carefully planned natural healing regimen. Amazing herself and her doctors, Brandon intuitively listened to her body wisdom and completely healed in only 6½ weeks. No drugs, no surgery, no pain! The Journey is the result of Brandon’s continuous work on herself, and using her own personal experiences and observations new work is continuously being developed, and the original work refined into elegant processes which positively impact all areas of our lives. Inspired by the studies of famed endocrinologist Deepak Chopra and renowned cellular biologist Dr Candace Pert, The Journey developed its own unique approach to awakening and cellular hewing, and has become a potent blend of cutting-edge tools and access to the true realization that human potential knows no bounds.

Take A Journey With Us

Ordinary people, regardless of background, culture, age or circumstance, have used The Journey to completely transform their lives. People just like you!

Do you feel…?

  • Weighed down by fear, anxiety or stress caused by work, family or health
  • Afflicted by a stubborn mental or physical health problem
  • Paralyzed by persistent depression, de-motivation, fatigue or weakness
  • Frozen by inaction, procrastination or indecision, even when it matters most
  • Passionate about discovering your life’s purpose, your true potential. Generally happy with your life, but knowing that with a little more energy/technique/application you would be able to live life to the fullest

A Real Transformational Experience

The Journey® is shared through a series of advanced workshops and retreats held globally. It has no philosophy or doctrine; just a simple belief in the limitless nature of human potential.

It begins with ‘The Journey Intensive’, a beginner’s course where you get to roll up your sleeves and experience the foundational, easy-to-master yet extremely potent, healing and transformational tools. You then move on to the more advanced events which deepen your experience, challenge the boundaries of what you thought you knew to be true and allow you to recognize the true potential and boundless possibilities available to each of us in real freedom.

For those of you willing to dive in even deeper, The Journey Accredited® Practitioners’ Program, will strip away the illusions upon which your limited life has been based, uncovering blocks and penetrating the limiting patterns you have unconsciously believed were inevitable, leaving you soaring as an expression of freedom, enabling you to be certified as a Journey Practitioner and facilitate one-one-one healing for others.

Each of our comprehensive events is a once in a lifetime experience and offers you:

  • The most up-to-date, in depth and transformational healing available anywhere.
  • Profoundly healing seminars and retreats where you clear issues that have held you back from allowing your full potential to flourish.
  • Cutting edge skills and liberating process work that will powerfully and positively transform every area of your life.
  • The ability to free yourself from life-long issues leaving you soaring, living a life in joy, wholeness and peace
  • A program that allows you to be a beacon of healing and transformational possibility, a catalyst for the change our world needs NOW! ….. because ultimately ….. you ARE the change you wish to see in the world (Gandhi)

Our Vision

It is our deep prayer, our passionate mission, to bring these powerfully transforming tools to people from all backgrounds and walks of life in countries all across the globe, so that all may realise their deepest human and divine potential and be part of the shift in consciousness our planet needs to heal and flourish.

We pray that every soul has access to this life-changing work and fully awakens to their own abundant potential, and that each of us finds lasting fulfillment in all areas of our life.

In uncovering the greatness within, we pray that all of us will respond to the global invitation to be the transformation our planet currently needs, and that together we join the wave of awakening and healing sweeping our world, serving our loved ones, our communities and life itself by bringing awakening and conscious healing to humanity.

May we all be a living expression of our own deepest potential, our actions be ones of compassion and grace. As beacons of possibility, may we help one another to take our lampshades off, realise our true capacity, and flourish in abundance-consciousness.