Journey Man

“Uncover the Real Male Freedom Inside.”


The Greatness You Seek is Already Inside You

JourneyMan is a powerful, 3½ day residential retreat in the exclusive company of other men where you will find clarity, liberation and access your highest potential.

If these questions resonate, this retreat is definitely for you:

  • Do you sometimes feel that life is an impossible-to-navigate minefield full of mixed messages about who and what you are or should be as a man?
  • Are you sometimes confused about your real sense of self, your identity or your role as a contemporary male?
  • Do you ever feel disempowered, aimless … hurt by or angry with life or those you love?

In a highly-supportive and confidential environment, we’ll strip the veneer of our stereotypical male conditioning, and free ourselves from the self-sabotaging rules and behaviors that have prevented us from being authentic and fulfilled. We’ll turn to face the anxieties and fears that have gripped and limited us, and free ourselves from their hold. With deeply penetrating self-enquiry we’ll discover our own inner wisdom and truth. We’ll leave complete in the realization of our innate greatness, our deepest potential and complete in who we really are: Free.

A truly empowering and liberating retreat where you’ll:

  • Clear issues and achieve balance and wholeness in career, relationships, sexuality and health.
  • Undo the pain of boyhood conditioning, letting go of self-sabotaging and self destructive behaviours.
  • Meet any areas of stress or shutdown, clear them out completely and tap into your fullest potential.
  • Find ways to achieve your deepest desires without compromising family life or good health.
  • Inner peace and reconciliation with seemingly opposite pulls of healthily expressed masculinity and emotional openness
  • Lead a more conscious, passionate, rewarding life on all levels of being.

FOR: Men Only – no previous Journey experience necessary

What Men Say About Journeyman:

My Wife Has Said Many Times that She Got a New Husband

JourneyMan … allowed me to open myself to love as I had never been able to do before, and from that to love as I had never loved before. My wife has said many times that she got a new husband the night I arrived home from JourneyMan – a new and improved version of the person who had left home four days earlier.

~ Gerry Tucker

I Could Never Have Imagined the Impact of Attending a Workshop Just for Men

I could never have imagined the impact of attending a workshop just for men. We all found that there was a safety created for us to open and expose in ways we had not been able to before. Through Kevin’s wide open facilitation, we were able to explore the ways in which each of us has lived life through an image of who we thought we should be. Now there is an amazing feeling of liberation in the truth of who I am.

~ Bill Macleod

If You Are Going to Attend One Course This Year …. Make it This One!!

If you are listening and are trying to decide should you do Journeyman or not… my clear reply is simply… YES! Come to this weekend, there is huge support there for all and you will leave wondering who the heck was that guy who turned up on day 1!! You will be blown away by the simplicity, genuineness and at the same time profound nature of this event. Every single person who comes to this retreat is transformed! If you are going to attend one course this year …. make it this one!! It’s a must-do! Just ask ANYBODY who has attended! To a man they will all say DO IT!!

~ Bill, Waiheke Island

JourneyMan was Without Doubt One of the Defining Moments of My Life

JourneyMan was without doubt one of the defining moments of my life. Not only did it crack open the shell I lived in for years, it smashed it to bits! I felt the burden I had carried for years lift from my shoulders and I was able to recognise the true Freedom within. I was so ecstatic I wanted to jump out of my skin! Since the event, last year, I have been able to meet the challenges of life with ease and grace. I am truly grateful to have participated in such a profoundly liberating event.

~ David King

I Was Able to Go Home to My Wife and Tell Her the Truth of What I Had Been Going Through

Previous to the seminar I was unsure and a little scared of living my life to the fullest. During this workshop I faced issues that I did not even know were there. To face these and have the courage to do so I was only able to do in the company of fellow men. It was the most humbling and truthful time I have experienced. Just the relaxation I felt in my being to know that the issues I was facing were experienced by other men and not just a couple but across the board, truly amazing work. I was able to go home to my wife and tell her the truth of what I had been going through. What a feeling to finally sit down with her and share what it was like to live my life as a man, to hold my head up high and look in the mirror and feel the juice, the energy that we all have. I am so excited about returning to share this again with my fellow journey brothers.

~ Greig, Papamoa NZ

I Had No Idea What it Truly Felt Like to Be a MAN

I had no idea what it truly felt like to be a MAN. The way Kevin introduced and gently dissected the whole thing around maleness was nothing short of brilliant.

~ Bill Howard

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