Journey Outreach

We are Committed to Sharing Journeywork with Communities Worldwide to Liberate Humanity’s Highest Potential

In addition to Journey Seminars and Visionary Leadership Programmes, both Brandon and Kevin are passionate about and devote much of their free time, energy, commitment and love to our international charity organisation Journey Outreach. Whose aim is bringing this healing and transformational work worldwide into schools, prisons, hospitals and HIV/Aids care groups, addiction and abuse centres, tribal communities, areas of non-permanent housing and First Nation and Aboriginal communities and places where they could not otherwise afford to have access to these liberating teachings.

The work is largely funded by Journey Seminars International through voluntary donations from our worldwide Staff, Practitioners and delegates who want to express their gratitude for having experienced their own transformation through Journey work by making a real difference in the world.

If you would like to know more about the work, or make a donation, please contact: