Liberating Kids’ Shining Potential

“One Fun-filled, Joyous, Skill-packed Day Where You Learn to Be a Kid Again.”


Powerful Journey Work to Liberate Kids of All Ages

This is a course for everyone, and is especially valuable for parents, care-givers, teachers and anyone who has children in their lives – and that’s all of us.

A delightful, joyous and freeing day where you’ll play like a child, all the while learning a multitude of invaluable tools that will help you set free the boundless potential of children of all ages. You’ll experience the process work first hand, which will enable you to use the work spontaneously and freely wherever needed in life.

The skills you learn are easypractical, and can be used in all sorts of real-life situations, from dealing with emotional upsets and traumas, separation and divorce, school and learning difficulties, to handling behavioral problems, and even coping healthily with death and bereavement.

A fascinating, light-hearted 1-day workshop where you’ll learn and experience how to:

  • Unlock the boundless potential in children.
  • Set free your own natural childlike joy and exuberance.
  • Help children deal with a myriad of issues such as: bereavement, divorce, bullying, growing up, learning disorders, self expression.
  • Learn to empower children – boosting self-confidence and creativity.
  • Undergo ‘The Journey in the Classroom’ Process and ‘The Kids’ Journey’yourself.
  • Learn spontaneous, on-the-spot process work for instant transformation and empowerment.
  • Play and laugh, all the while learning valuable skills you can use with all children in your life.

NON-RESIDENTIAL: 1-day workshop

FOR: Everyone

What the Children of St. Peter School Say:

It Helps Me Be Kind, It Heals, It Gives Peace

It helps me when I’m sad, it helps me know there is nothing wrong with me, it teaches me about loveit gives me courage to do stuff, it teaches I am okay the way I am, it gives me joy; if someone calls me stupid, it’s the inside that counts; if I’m bullied I’ll get somebody to help me; it helps me be happier, it helps friendship, if I’m mad I get to feel better, it’s fun, it helps me be kind, it heals, it gives peace.

~ The Children

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