Manifest Abundance

“Clear Your Silent Saboteurs.”


Discover the Real Secret of Manifesting Abundance

Forever clear the silent saboteurs that have limited you, exposing and freeing your full potential to effortlessly manifest abundance in all areas of your life. Become a magician. Be part of the co-creative dance of manifestation and live in joyous abundance.

The Journey’s Manifest Abundance Retreat takes up where most programs on abundance leave off. While most courses teach how to put out for what we wish for in life, the question still remains, why does some of it come true and some not? What The Journey’s Manifest Abundance Retreat reveals is a deeper truth. It roots out and clears the ‘silent saboteurs’ that quietly undermine so many of our dreams and desires. And now is the chance of your lifetime to completely finish with all of these and go through a deep spring-clean of all the self-denying patterns that lie buried deep inside us all – the negative beliefs, the low self-esteem and self worth, the fears, the ‘not-good-enoughs’, the ‘I’ll-nevers’ – all the issues that have held us back on so many levels in life . Whether we recognize them or not, we all run these patterns, and at the Manifest Abundance Retreat you’ll unearth these, clear them out and finish with them, so you are free to welcome in all the abundance the universe has to offer .

Warning: Abundance grads often manifest their desires and prayers quickly

– so be careful what you ask for!

If you want more out of life, more out of your career, more open creativity, more fulfillment, more self expression, more out of your relationships and family life, then this is the weekend to come to. It’s a nurturing and joyous residential retreat that will leave you soaring in the fulfillment of true abundance.

At this, our most joyous residential retreat, you’ll:

  • Uncover and expose the limiting patterns , the silent saboteurs that have stifled and blocked your potential.
  • Spend an entire day in process , in a massive and comprehensive house-clearing, as you set yourself free from all the silent saboteurs and blocks.
  • Experience a resounding Freedom  that opens you into the creative genius inside.
  • From Freedom discover your heart’s deepest desire  for you, as you ‘vision quest’ a brand new life.
  • Brainstorm with others a dynamic action plan  with practical ways to allow abundance to flourish in your life.
  • Leave soaring in your true potential , ready to magnetize abundance into all areas of your life; health, creativity, financial wellbeing and relationships.
  • Discover the secret of how to be a magician , part of the wondrous and magical co-creative dance of manifestation, and continue to create abundance ongoingly in your life.

FOR: Journey Intensive Grads

Please note that accommodation and meals for the Manifest Abundance Retreat are not included in the cost of some of the retreats – please check by clicking on the event link for more information. However, in order to provide the deepest and most liberating experience for you, it is mandatory to stay at the venue for the duration of the Manifest Abundance Retreat. Please be assured that we have negotiated an extremely competitive rate for our group, which includes accommodation and all meals.

Manifest Abundance Retreats that are offered RESIDENTIAL – prices are inclusive of 2 nights’ accommodation and all meals.

What People Say:

My Whole Life is So Much More Effortless and Joyful

The prayers and intentions that I put out for seemed to just pop into my life quite miraculously after the Manifesting Abundance event, but that wasn’t even the most powerful part! The greatest gift that I’ve received from the event is a whole new way of living, and being – by utilizing the power of manifestation and intention my whole life is so much more effortless and joyful.

~ Ashley

The Most Powerful Seminar I’ve Ever Attended

The most powerful seminar I’ve ever attended certainly in terms of clearing issues and of allowing abundance to flow in and out (and back in, back out…) of my life! I’m really looking forward to what manifests in the next days, months and future. I recommend this to everyone.

~ Emanuela

My ‘Manifestation List’ Came True Within One Year!

Everything I put on my ‘manifestation list’ during the retreat came true within one year! And these were not small things! I moved into my own house and manifested my husband in that time. Such a blessing and so grateful!

~ Claire T

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Nov 2017

Conscious Abundance in Kondalilla Eco Resort with Sharon Turton
- Fri 17  Nov 2017 – Sun  19 Nov 2017 bookNow
Flaxton, QLD, Australia

Feb 2018

Conscious Abundance in Bali with Kevin Billett
- Fri 09  Feb 2018 – Sun  11 Feb 2018 bookNow
., , Indonesia