Journey Presenters

Jan Henderson

Jan Henderson

Representative & Presenter

Jan came to The Journey in early 2004. She has a warm and gentle nature. She has been trained by Brandon Bays. She is a Senior Recommended Accredited Journey Practitioner; Director, Coordinator of Journey Outreach – the International Charity of The Journey;  Member of Steering Committee, Journey Practitioners Association of Australasia. She has been trained as a facilitator in Transpersonal Counselling and Support, and is an Associate Member of The International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

Bill Macleod

Bill Macleod

Presenter for New Zealand

With a business background extending from retail owner through to corporate CEO, Bill now shares with business owners and leaders, what he describes as a new frontier for business, in a series of transformational leadership programmes and 1-on-1 mentoring.

His time as Chief Executive of a billion dollar Australasian company and an earlier role as International Marketing Manager for a global brand, inspired him to develop this work and enables him to share from a broad base of experience.

Bill works throughout the Asia-Pacific, supporting business owners and leaders to experience greater personal and business awareness. He delights in seeing peoples  ‘eyes-light-up’ as they discover the truth of their own business and leadership style.

Bill combines direct personal experience and insight, with warmth and gentle humour, as he facilitates individuals and groups opening into their true potential.

Satya Baglin

Satya Baglin

Presenter Touch of the Divine

As one of the first Journey accredited practitioner [in 2001] Satya, who is Brandon Bays personal massage therapist [when in Australasia], was asked by Brandon to teach other Journey practitioners to combine ‘the Journey’ process with other modalities.


She has since then dedicated her life to developing the bridge between ‘The Journey’ which she is passionate about, with other modalities

Satya is the founder and presenter of the “Touch of the Divine” event [also known as ‘Journey-massage’] for ‘Journey’ practitioners and Training Journey practitioners in Europe and Australia since 2002.IMGP9715_4
In 2009, Satya presented the first “Journey Intensive”weekend and “Advanced Skills” day in Paris [France] in french.

She is part of the orginal team of five women who created the advance retreat for women, called “Journey Women”that she has co-presented in Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A. and Europe.

Satya is a qualified massage therapist with over 20 years of experience working with people and has a rich background in the healing and therapeutic field.

Sharon Turton

Sharon Turton


As a qualified counsellor, natural therapist and educator, Sharon has been working in the healing industry for over 20 years. A leader in the field, Sharon has been delivering emotional release and wellbeing workshops for children and adults around Australasia since 2003. She lives in Sydney and works extensively with The Journey conducting private sessions with all ages.

Sharon is a Senior Journey Practitioner and Presenter of ‘The Journey Intensive’ workshop, ‘Liberating Children’s shining Potential’ day, and ‘The Junior Journey’ for Children.

One of Sharons passions is to enhance healthy parent-child communication, fostering a deeper bond and reconnection of this most precious relationship.

She is the author of the book and CD “Connecting Kids- with their Inner Potential”.