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All prices are quoted and processed in Australian dollars ($AUD) only.

We accept payments by credit card and via bank transfer.


Please note that payment by bank transfer may mean that your bank will charge you for this transaction -please make certain that any transaction costs are paid by you and not deducted from the fees due to The Journey Seminars Pty Ltd.

Please quote Your LAST NAME & FIRST NAME as a reference with your payment and transfer to:

Westpac Bank
Account name: The Journey Seminars Pty Ltd
BSB: 032 573
Account No: 133915

Ref: (Your surname and event name)
Please confirm your transaction by scanning and emailing to: infoaust@thejourney.com



Terms & Conditions:

60 days prior to event – Full fee
60 to 120 days prior to event – 50% cancellation fee
180 to 120 days prior to event – 30% cancellation fee
Prior to 180 days prior to event – 20% cancellation fee

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The Journey Seminars Pty Ltd

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