Visionary Leadership Programme


Uncover your own authentic greatness, the innate visionary

leader that lies within, and become an agent of conscious

transformation in your family, career and society.

Ask yourself: are you…


Ready to wake up and step into your full greatness, your real potential? Longing to embrace a conscious set of values and actions aligned with your real purpose in life? Willing to let life access and pull out of you the highest and the best you are capable of? Prepared to be part of a brand new wave of authentic, conscious influence and change that starts internally and is spreading around our world? Then join us. Come and clear the limitations, blocks and self-saboteurs that hold you back and keep you small or unfulfilled. Discover a stillness and clarity of purpose by tapping into your deepest self, your innate genius, and flourish in the service of true leadership by becoming an authentic instrument of conscious change.

Clear the Hidden Blocks and Develop Your True Leadership Greatness, Passion and Vision

At The Visionary Leadership Programme you will discover how to: • Identify the qualities you admire the most in the world’s truly great corporate, political, humanitarian and spiritual leaders, and discover how to live authentically as an embodiment of those highest qualities. • Free yourself from labels, rules, and identities that have limited you or kept you small and open into your highest, deepest, fullest potential. • Uncover and clear the damaging and undermining traps of victim, blame and defence games, take wholesome responsibility to stand in the truth of your own infinite capacity. • Clear specific deep-seated ‘ego traps’ that have sabotaged and sidelined you in the past, and free yourself to operate from an unshakable sense of purpose and direction. • Move beyond old paradigms of fear driven ‘winner takes all’ competition and harness the exponential power of cooperative competition. • Discover how and why some of your prized values can actually be traps; get clear on which are your true core values and let them truly support, direct and champion you. • Take the lid off your leadership potential and radiate true authenticity as you give unbridled permission and encouragement for others to do the same. Prerequisite: Conscious Leadership Workshop or The Journey Intensive

What makes us different?

There are large numbers of leadership books available and a number of leadership seminars on offer. The books are full of description, story and anecdote; they are sometimes inspiring, but they do not give direct methods, strategies, tools that will allow you to truly uncover, develop and embody the greatness of conscious and visionary leadership. Everyone has an opinion as to what great leaders look, sound and act like – their qualities are demonstrable, even if we disagree about the relative values of those qualities – but no one can tell us how to achieve the greatness we sometimes see in others. This is where Conscious Company has a rare advantage, and a unique proposition. With the Visionary Leadership Programme we have the tools that can wake up and welcome forth the innate genius, the innate greatness in us all. We have the tools to directly foster, engender and develop the highest quality conscious leadership. These skills, these tools and realisations are yours for the taking.

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